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I have worked with clients suffering from IBS pain and migraines for 7 years.  I bring you more than 10years worth of experience to help you. **


I utilize 2 approaches, one is mental (subconscious and conscious), the other is nutritional. The mental approach will help you experience the power of the subconscious mind, we will use hypnosis, imagery, metaphor, age regression, breathwork, somatic awareness and approaches that will release tension, trauma, and pain .. You will learn this, and how to rephrase your experience. You will learn how to help restore balance within, and bring more harmony between your conscious, subconscious mind, and your body. My clients experience a high rate of success.   The mental approach produces about 70% of the results.

The nutritional changes will increase your chances of ending IBS and migraines by another 30%. ***


My work is “Results Based”. It is also based on a decade of research, with personal and clinical experience.


I also work with those in recovery from surgery, sports injuries, accidents, or cancer to lower discomfort and expedite healing. You will get to utilize the power of the subconscious mind to help you feel better and heal.




**. The terms used above are not diagnosis, nor treatments. This service is not clinical, nor medical. This service is personal coaching and is strictly educational.

***. I also recommend finding a Craniosacral Therapy practitioner. In some cases, when distance is not an issue, I am able to offer these hands-on techniques to my clients. Even if the migraines or IBS returned in the future, you would be better equipped to detect them early, or have the skills to minimize or avoid them all together.